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Undergraduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis

The Psychology department is pleased to offer a pathway for students to earn an undergraduate certificate in behavior analysis!

The Undergraduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis may be of particular value to students with interests in special education, drug and addiction research, animal training, impulsivity, promoting health, physical rehabilitation and muscle dynamics, or human or animal behavior. The Certificate program provides a structured series of courses and experiential learning opportunities that emphasize how learning occurs across time. The courses and experiences interface with the Psychology major. Students who complete the certificate program should have excellent preparation for graduate programs in behavioral or experimental psychology, or for direct employment with a Bachelor’s degree.

Psychology majors looking for an area of specialization with diverse application or interested in learning more about behavior analysis should contact Brennan Armshaw at to:

  • Learn more about the certificate program
  • Design a plan of study to meet the certificate program requirements
  • Learn more about behavior analysis
  • Connect with expert faculty in behavior analysis
  • Prepare for a career or graduate study in behavior analysis