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Undergraduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis

Mission: The mission of the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Behavor Analysis is to improve human health and well-being by providing students with foundational knowledge in basic and applied behavior analysis, so that they are prepared for graduate study in behavior analysis and related fields or for direct employment.

The certificate program may be of particular value to students with interests in special education, drug and addiction research, animal training, impulsivity, promoting health, physical rehabilitation and muscle dynamics, or human or animal behavior.

Training Model: A baccalaureate certificate program is a specialized curriculum designed for students seeking a specific body of knowledge for personal or professional development. The Behavior Analysis Certificate Program is a structured series of courses and experiential learning opportunities that provide students with a broad and deep understanding of the principles of behavior, how they are discovered and described through experimental research, and how they are applied to advance human well-being of individuals and communities. The curricular requirements of the program overlap significantly with the requirements for the Psychology major.

Curricular Requirements & Learning Outcomes are here and here .

Admission & Advising: The Behavior Analysis Certificate Program is open to Psychology majors in good standing who have completed Psychology101 with a grade of B- or better. To continue in the certificate program, students are required to remain in good academic standing, which is defined as earning a B- or better in all certificate courses. To be admitted to the program, contact Brennan Armshaw at Dr. Armshaw will answer your questions about the program and help you design a plan of study to meet the program requirements in conjunction with those of the Psychology major. Dr. Armshaw also will help you learn more about behavior analysis, connect with expert faculty in behavior analysis, and prepare for a career or graduate study in behavior analysis. (Students minoring in psychology who are interested in the Behavior Analysis Certificate should speak with their major advisor and Dr. Armshaw.)

Learn about research opportunities with the Behavior Analysis faculty:
Karen Anderson
Brennan Armshaw
Ray Joslyn
Kathryn Kestner
Kennon A. Lattal
Michael Perone
Claire St. Peter

Learn about experience in Applied Behavior Analysis:
The WVU Neurodevelopmental Center

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