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Brennan Armshaw, Ph.D.

Service Assistant Professor; Assistant Director of Graduate Training


Dr. Armshaw received his master’s in behavior analysis in 2018 and his Ph.D. in Health Service Research with a concentration in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas in 2022. During his graduate training, he worked under the supervision of Manish Vaidya. Dr. Armshaw joined the faculty at WVU in fall of 2022. 

Research Interests

Dr. Armshaw’s primary research interest is in the intersection of behavior analysis and medicine to promote health and wellbeing. He is particularly interested in the development of smart schedules and gamification to promote neuromuscular rehabilitation across a variety of contexts involving loss of muscular control (such as improving physical therapy outcomes). A secondary area of interest for him is the development and implementation of best practice education techniques to promote student mastery and self-ownership of the subject matter.

Dr. Armshaw is passionate about mentorship and eager to help train the next generation of behavior analysts. He welcomes those interested in becoming involved in his research to reach out to him via email. 


  • Psychology 368 – Ethics and Practice in Behavior Analysis
  • Psychology 533 – Applied Behavior Analysis
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