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20-21 Action Plan

Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan - 2020-2021
  1. Instructors are encouraged to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their courses. As a method to encourage and assess this goal, faculty have agreed to report how diversity and equity content is included in each of their courses as part of their annual faculty productivity reports.
  2. Department members are encouraged to respect and use self-identified pronouns for all current and prospective students, faculty, and staff.
  3. The Department of Psychology’s Diversity and Inclusion statement and annual diversity action plan are now displayed on the Department’s website.
  4. The Department of Psychology Diversity Committee:
  • will publish a ~monthly diversity newsletter.
  • has developed a map to highlight and celebrate the diverse home locations of our students and faculty. Check it out here!
  • continues to offer a syllabus review for faculty and graduate students to provide feedback and suggestions on coverage of diversity and inclusiveness of students of varying backgrounds.
  • presents annually for all graduate students and faculty on the contemporary evidence-based inclusive teaching, research, or service.
  • has recommended to the Graduate Training Committee (GTC) to develop an annual award to recognize and celebrate students and faculty who demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion through their research, teaching, and clinical work.
  • has recommended that the GTC develop a post-Interview Weekend satisfaction survey for all interviewees, graduate students, and  faculty, to include items related to diversity and inclusion. This will provide anonymous feedback on strengths and weaknesses of the department from prospective students and faculty, and allow us to identify needed changes to enhance enrollment.
  • will continue to offer and publicize an online system that students, faculty, and staff can use to anonymously inquire about diversity and inclusion issues within the department. This process will be used to address concerns in a timely manner.