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Department offices, research laboratories and classrooms for most psychology courses are located in the Life Sciences Building, which houses the biology and psychology departments. In the Department of Psychology, the Life Sciences Building accommodates animal and research labs, testing and observation centers, computer labs and the Quin Curtis Center, which provides outpatient mental health services for the local community as well as a training facility for students in clinical psychology. Each of these areas satisfy a variety of different research and instructional needs for a department recently ranked in the top five worldwide in behavioral analysis and therapy research. 

Faculty members and graduate students can take advantage of modern, well-equipped laboratories for investigations of animal and human learning, behavioral pharmacology, clinical psychopathology, physiological mechanisms and behavior, developmental processes, language, cognitive processes, sleep and sleep disorders and social behavior. Faculty members have designed their own laboratory facilities for their own and their students’ use. In addition, an animal care facility for housing rats and pigeons and a group observation room is available.

Additional Facilities

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