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Admissions Requirements

New students who meet West Virginia University admission requirements are directly admitted into psychology. 

Benchmark Expectations
  • By the end of their second semester in the program, students should have completed , PSYC 101 with a C- or better, and MATH 124 or higher. 
  • By the end of their fourth semester in the program, they should have completed PSYC 203 (with a C- or better) and PSYC 204 (with a C- or better),
  • By the end of their sixth semester, they should have completed PSYC 301 and PSYC 302.
  • All students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in the major and overall. 
  • All majors must attend either a Group Advising meeting or individual advising sessions each semester, as specified by their Psychology adviser.

Students who fail to meet these benchmarks may be removed from their major.