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Undergraduate Students

LSB Quad

Welcome Undergraduate Students

Psychology is among the most popular majors in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, graduating nearly 200 students each year.

Approximately 25% of our students earn the Bachelor of Science degree, with the majority earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. All are trained in the science of behavior.

With the coursework, research and applied experiences undertaken as a Psychology major, about half of our WVU graduates pursue graduate training in psychology, medicine, or law. More than half of our degree recipients enter the work force immediately, taking jobs in community mental health and human services, finance, security and other applied areas.

As one of the largest majors in the Eberly College, we aim to prepare our program graduates for long term professional success (see report on the professional success of liberal arts and sciences majors by the Association of American Colleges and Universities).

SpeakWrite Certified ProgramTM

The bachelor of science in psychology is a SpeakWrite Certified ProgramTM. SpeakWrite Certified programs incorporate and develop students’ written, verbal, visual and mediated communication skills across the curriculum.

Admissions Requirements

New students who meet West Virginia University admission requirements are directly admitted into psychology. 

Description of Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Psychology offers many courses that cover a variety of topics. A current listing of undergraduate courses offered by the Department can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.