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Application Process

Application Deadline:  December 1

Applications received after the respective deadline may be reviewed at the discretion of the admissions committee.

To apply for admission for graduate study in psychology, you must do all of the following:
  1. Complete the admissions form. Do this by going to the  WVU Office of Graduate Admissions website and following the instructions to fill out the application form.
  2. Take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The General Test is required of all applicants, and the Psychology Subject Test is recommended for applicants to the Clinical and Clinical Child Areas of Study, particularly if the applicant’s transcript does not reflect significant preparation in psychology. 
    1. Applicants may self-report GRE scores on the application form, but an official report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) also is required and must be received by the deadline. 
    2. The WVU GRE Institution Code is 5904.  
  3. Submit copies of transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate academic work. If coursework has been taken at more than one institution, a transcript from each institution should be requested.
    1. The “academic background” page of the on-line application states the following:  Official college transcripts must be sent from each institution/college attended directly to the Office of Admissions. TRANSCRIPTS MARKED ‘ISSUED TO STUDENT’ AND FACSIMILES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED .”
    2. Transcripts should be sent to:
West Virginia University
P .O. Box 6510
Morgantown, WV 26506-6510
Phone:  304-293-5980
Fax:  304-293-1147
  1. Provide the names of three people who will write you a letter of recommendation. This information is included as part of the online application form. Click “Recommendations” on the menu on the left side of the application form for detailed information on letters of recommendation.
    1. Items 2 and 3 below can be uploaded as Word or pdf files. For information on how to do this, Click “Supplemental Materials” on the menu on the left side of the online application.
  2. Upload a copy of your vitae. NOTE: Your vitae must contain an appendix listing all courses, credits, and grades in psychology and related areas.
  3. Upload a personal statement (not to exceed 500 words) that summarizes your experiences, skills, and reasons for applying for graduate study in psychology at West Virginia University. If you wish to study with one or more particular faculty members, please note this in your statement.
The deadline for submitting all of the above material is December 1.  Materials received after the respective deadline may be reviewed at the discretion of the admissions committee.

Important Application Considerations

A few other things to consider in completing your application:
  1. The Department of Psychology does not admit non-degree-seeking students, so-called “special students” in graduate courses. Applicants should plan to enter as a full-time student and remain in residence for the duration of their academic work.
  2. Students generally are not allowed to transfer from one program to another once they are accepted into the Department.
  3. All doctoral students are offered financial support, although sources of support may vary from year to year depending on the matches between student interests and skills and funding sources. Information about funding for graduate study can be found by going to WVU’s Office of Graduate Education and Life website:  and click the “Cost & Aid” tab at the top of the page. Additional financial aid information also is available on this website under Financial Assistance. NO SEPARATE APPLICATION needs to be filed for Department-based financial support.
  4. Applicants wishing to obtain student loans or other forms of financial support beyond what is offered by the Department should contact the West Virginia University Financial Aid Office:
I f you have questions about completing your application, you can obtain help by emailing .