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Kelly Smith

Teaching Assistant Professor

Professor Smith is currently finishing her doctorate in Life-Span Developmental Psychology from West Virginia University. As a graduate student at WVU, she has taught several courses and led teaching workshops for the Teaching and Learning Center. She has also won several graduate student awards in teaching and research. In 2023, Kelly accepted the position of teaching assistant professor and serves as the course supervisor for PSYC 101.

Research Interests

Professor Smith’s primary research interest is in how the intersection of aging and gender identities is associated with mental health and well-being. She is particularly interested in how the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected these associations, as well as how discrimination plays a role in the relationship between identity and well-being.

Professor Smith is passionate about mentorship and looking forward to helping train the next generation of teachers and developmental psychologists. She welcomes any folks who may be interested in getting involved in her research to reach out to her via email. 


  • Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 232 – Sex Roles and Behavior
  • Psychology 343 – Child and Adolescent Development