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Psychology is the science of behavior. Courses in this discipline convey the principles, methods and theories that are necessary for a better understanding of human and animal behaviors.

The Department of Psychology is home to approximately 70 graduate students and over 1,000 undergraduate psychology majors and minors.  In collaboration with the Department of Biology and the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, the Department of Psychology launched a BS degree program in Neuroscience in 2019.  Students interact frequently with psychology faculty and peers through academic coursework, discovery of new knowledge in our research facilities, and applying evidence-based principles to understanding behavior in real-world settings. 

How will I focus my studies? 

Studying psychology at WVU allows students to work toward a liberal arts degree rather than a specialized degree that prepares them for a specific type of job. Typically, students tailor their schedules according to their career paths. These decisions generally fall into three categories: graduate school, a career applying psychology to human problems, or pursuit of a career in a non-related field. 


Students enrolled in any non-psychology degree program within the University may elect to complete a minor in psychology.