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Natalie Shook, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology

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Dr. Shook received her Ph.D. in social psychology from Ohio State University in 2007. She accepted a faculty position at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007 and remained in that position until 2011, when she joined the WVU faculty as an assistant professor. Dr. Shook accepts graduate students through the clinical, developmental, and behavioral neuroscience programs.

Research Interests

The goal of the research conducted in Dr. Shook’s lab is understanding the cognitive and affective processes underlying attitude formation and change, as well as how attitudes guide behavior. To do this, a broad range of topics are studied, including racial prejudice, political ideology, homophobia, and emotional disorders. Dr. Shook incorporates a variety of techniques into her research from self-report measures to implicit measures (e.g., evaluative priming tasks) to physiological measures (e.g., heart rate variability) and studies diverse populations (e.g., college students, older adults, clinical samples).

In particular, Dr. Shook studies the cognitive negativity biases underlying depression and anxiety, as well as the role mindfulness may play in reducing these negativity biases. She is also interested in the role of disgust in shaping group attitudes and sociocultural beliefs, as well as the extent to which affective and cognitive processes change across the life span.


  • Psychology 202 – Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psychology 251 – Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Psychology 332 – Multiculturalism in Psychology
  • Psychology 363 – Personality Theory
  • Psychology 655 – Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology 725 – Social Psychology